As I was getting ready for work this morning, I pondered whether to call myself an “old maid” or a “spinster.” I like the word spinster better, but I feel like it has a more negative connotation than old maid. I think of an old maid as a frumpy woman, possibly happy with her station in life. I think of a spinster as a bitter woman with a chip on her shoulder. (“That decrepit old spinsta” [said in a British accent if you will].)

Fast forward a few hours…and I am at work having a laugh-out-loud moment. I had to look up something in the dictionary. My eye fell on the first word on the page: dateless. I am chronically dateless!, I thought to myself. I skimmed over the different definitions, and when I reached the last one, I laughed and almost fell off my chair.

Definition 4: “still good or interesting though old.” Does that sound like me? I’m still interesting even though I am an old maid??? HA.

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