I’m a Natural

I was commended on my performance in the fMRI machine today. I did so well, they want me to come back in a few months. I apparently kept very very still and listened to directions well. I was quite surprised by how well I did. I was in that tube for almost two hours! It was super noisy—that is my biggest complaint. Oh, and also that the tech assistant forgot to print out a picture of my brain. Oh well, maybe next time. I was mentally and physically drained when I emerged. I’m glad I took the day off work.

Afterward, I stopped off at the MIT List Visual Arts Center, so I could check that off my birthday list. It was a cool space. There was only one exhibit, and the topic was cross dressing. Unfortunately, most of the art was video art, and I just didn’t have the stamina to watch videos after being in the tube. I did watch a few minutes of a video with five dwarfs dressed as maids, who were taking care of a drag queen. A bit too surreal for my weary brain.

I had read about an exhibit of Andy Warhol’s photographs being there. I asked a docent, and she said, “Oh, that’s in the Dean’s Gallery, in the Sloan building.” Oh boy. She gave me directions and somehow I found my way to the building. MIT is so confusing with all of the numbered buildings and the Northwest, East blah blah blah. I entered the Sloan building and looked at the directory. E52-46, where the flip was that? I deduced that it could be on the 4th floor. I asked a guy who got in the elevator with me. He had no idea what I was talking about. But he said the Dean’s office was to the left.

So. The Dean’s Gallery. It was not quite a gallery. It was literally a big room with offices and a bunch of cubicles in the middle. And Andy Warhol photographs lined the walls of the office area. What the…so there I was, random person off the street, walking around the office area of a school’s dean. Surrounded by admin assistants typing away. The photographs were cool…there were only about 20 of them. Some of them were Polaroids of famous people, such as Jerry Hall and Ric Osacek. There was a cool one of Christmas poinsettias.

So that was a random day in the life. I’m running a little behind with the birthday list…but I hope to do a few things next weekend. This weekend will be full of James Ivory-ness at the Brattle…and the annual Brattle Oscars Party….

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