Um, WTF, World…

  If these statistics don’t piss you off, I don’t know what will: Women do 66% of the world’s work, produce 50% of the food, but earn 10% of the income and own 1% of the property. The 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day is still a month away (March 8), but you don’t have […]


  A new year is upon us. I’ll be in Vermont for a few days, celebrating Daisy’s birthday, so am posting a preemptive New Year’s entry. I am trying to be hopeful about 2011, even though it’s against my nature. I found a quote to put me in the right frame of mind. “We will […]


  The worst day for a Nor’easter to descend? December 26. What are the chances that Boston’s first major snowstorm would hit the day I was supposed to fly back. My flight was canceled a few hours before I was supposed to be at the airport. I got online to rebook the flight, and to […]

By the Numbers

Christmastime in Rochester by the numbers (as of December 23): Number of cookies eaten: 42 Number of gifts bought and wrapped: 10 Number of Hallmark Christmas shows watched: 8 ´╗┐Number of trips to Wegmans: 5 Number of trips to the mall: 3 Number of hot stone massages: 1