Congrats to the Queen

Even though the temp outside is 79 degrees, I’m toasting Queen Elizabeth with a cuppa. Today she became the longest-reigning monarch of Britain.               Here are some fun facts about the Queen.

Left On and Resting Sad Face

                First of all, I hope all of my fellow lefties had a fabulous Lefthanders Day. (I’m not linking to the official Lefthanders Day website because its “bandwidth has been exceeded.” Left on!) If you haven’t visited the Anything Lefthanded website, go there and sign up for the […]

You Have Too Many Mag Subscriptions…

…when you go through your magazine pile and find one that is almost a year old:                   And I’ve already received a new magazine subscription for Christmas! New Year’s resolution: Make more time to read… Well, I have one day left of work and then it’s holiday […]

Tempus Fugit

The past few weeks have been a blur of work, volunteering, holiday shopping, holiday card sending, holiday lunches and parties, post office trips. And now it’s almost a week till Christmas. Without fail, at least once during the holiday season, I buy someone a gift and buy myself the same thing. This year, the “one […]

Ready or Not, Here They Come

I haven’t switched my calendar from November to December yet. I’m not ready for the holidays, but they’re sure as hell not waiting for me. Holiday cards are appearing in my mailbox and I’m attending three holiday parties this week. Everywhere I go, I run into Christmas trees and reindeer shouting, “Ready or not, here […]