Lite-Brite and Write for Rights

I’ve checked off C and H on the Alphabet Bar List. Carrie Nation             This restaurant is huge. There is a bar and a restaurant AND a speakeasy! I had to check out the speakeasy, of course. The floor was weathered wood and light was nonexistent save some beaded lamps […]

Spirituality and Spirits

I saw His Holiness the Dalai Lama speak on Halloween. This is the third time I’ve seen him, but the first time I understood anything he said. I was sitting in the nosebleed section of an arena the first time I saw him. I saw him in a much smaller venue the second time: an […]

Marathon Monday

  I’ve lived in Boston for almost 15 years now. I love it, in the complicated way that you love something or someone that irritates the hell out of you sometimes. Yes, there are many great things about Boston…and friendliness is not one of them. No, I wouldn’t call Boston a “friendly” city. There are […]

Happy Holi!

  My attendance at a Holi festival might win “most interesting birthday list item” for 2014. Holi is a Hindu tradition in which people gather to celebrate the coming of spring and throw colored power all over each other. Last weekend, Abby and I walked into a dive-y Fenway bar and were handed a pink […]

MLK Jr. Day of Service

  The MLK Jr. Day of Service is next Monday, on his birthday. Visit this site, plug in your zip code under “Find a Project,” and find a service opportunity near you. Volunteering on Monday will make a difference to people in your community and you will feel great in the process. It’s a win-win […]