Left On and Resting Sad Face










First of all, I hope all of my fellow lefties had a fabulous Lefthanders Day. (I’m not linking to the official Lefthanders Day website because its “bandwidth has been exceeded.” Left on!) If you haven’t visited the Anything Lefthanded website, go there and sign up for the newsletter and do some shopping!

Along with being lefthanded, I have something called “resting sad face.”

Resting Sad Face
Resting Sad Face









I didn’t know that there was a name for this until I read a recent article about “resting bitch face.”

Wow! Once in a while, I notice my reflection in a window and am surprised at how sad I look. I may be thinking about where I’m going for lunch that day, but I look like I’m thinking about a dying pet.

Do you have a resting [fill in the blank] face?

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