It’s a Boy

  Congrats to William and Kate on the birth of their son! Can’t wait to see the first photo and find out the dustbin’s* name.       * Cockney slang for “kid”

Boston Happenings

  Here are some things going on in Boston… Boston Beer Week starts today. Celebrate the Boston beer scene if you are so inclined. Mark your calendars for Circle the City. It’s an inaugural program whose aim is to encourage city residents to get outside and enjoy some of Boston’s great parks. I am anxiously […]

Thanks, Mom

My mom likes to send me interesting magazine and newspaper articles in the mail. Many of them are related to health issues. She just sent me one about “limiting the dangers of cellphone radiation.” So I thought I would pass on a link. I’m not surprised that my phone emits little radiation, since the model […]

The Pennsylvania Polka

  It’s Groundhog Day. Props to Phil for not seeing his shadow. It’s another snow day here. I am puttering about the house, doing long put-off chores. And I can’t get the song “Pennsylvania Polka” out of my head. Maybe if I watch Groundhog Day, the song will somehow depart from my brain.

Please Eat the Grass

I constantly worry about Olive being bored, living in a basement studio. No windows to peer out of…no different rooms to explore. I have brought home so many toys and accoutrements for her to try, and she doesn’t even bat an eye at them! I bought her a cat bed. She ignored it. I bought […]