Porcini’s and Cornish Pasty Co

I love Italian food; I say it's in my blood. Ancestry DNA says I'm 13% Italian. So when Allen suggested we go to an Italian restaurant in Watertown that I hadn't been to before, I was game. Porcini's is a nice little restaurant with a dark and cozy ambiance. The tables were pretty close together,... Continue Reading →

Art and Science

I told Deb that "we were in for a weird day." She had agreed to join me at a performance art event followed by a "sensorial experience." Artist Oliver Herring was invited to the college campus where I work to put on his performance art event called "Areas for Action." He spent five days on... Continue Reading →


I'll be starting off the New Year with a bang. Multiple bangs, actually. ...Bangs as in fringe across my forehead. Carried away in the spirit of wanting to start off the New Year with a change, I told my hair stylist to give me bangs yesterday. It doesn't seem like a big deal, and it... Continue Reading →

Cyndi and Chris

One of the reasons why I live in a city is so I can do things like see Cyndi Lauper in concert one night and Chris Thile the next. Cyndi is on a 30th anniversary tour for her debut solo album, She's So Unusual. I don't remember all of the songs on that album, but... Continue Reading →

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