I love Italian food; I say it’s in my blood. Ancestry DNA says I’m 13% Italian. So when Allen suggested we go to an Italian restaurant in Watertown that I hadn’t been to before, I was game.

Porcini’s is a nice little restaurant with a dark and cozy ambiance. The tables were pretty close together, but we are early birds, so it wasn’t that busy yet.

Our meals were lovely and the service was good. The place had a neighborhood vibe to it.

I have not been to Cornwall, England, but I had an expat pasty or two when I lived in England. If you don’t know what it is, picture a calzone with ground meat, potatoes, and veggies in it. Sounds good, yeah?

Cornish Pasty Co in downtown Boston exceeded my expectations. The decor resembles an English pub, first of all. It had me at that. The menu was extensive. I chose cottage pie.

But, alas, my blurry photo does not do it justice. It was sizable; I ate it over two meals. The red wine gravy was a nice touch. This will be a go-to place when I’m feeling homesick for England.