RIP, Corey Haim

Another one of my teen idols has left this world. It’s not a huge shock, as I know he has had substance abuse problems…but I feel like a teeny piece of me, my past…my youth…has died. He was my first celebrity crush. He is the reason I bought a bazillion issues of Bop and Big Bopper magazines. And watched Lost Boys and License to Drive, over and over and over again.

RIP, Corey.

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Noise-Cancelling Headphones?

Right at this moment, I have a headache. Right at this moment, my music student neighbors are jamming. Anyone have any creative ideas about how to deal with this situation? Would noise-cancelling headphones help at all? I’ve tried earplugs, but they don’t totally get rid of the noise. Maybe I should get a CD of nature sounds or something, and blast it to drown out the jamming. I live in a studio, so there is nowhere to escape from the noise. $#*$(#*$#($@@#$

They are currently playing the ’80s tune “Owner of a Lonely Heart.”

Stop Making Sense

I feel like my life stopped making sense a long time ago…so I thought it fitting to watch the film Stop Making Sense at the Coolidge last night. I also wanted a chance to relive the ’80s…a simpler, slower time. Stop Making Sense is a Talking Heads concert film from 1984. It was directed by Jonathan Demme, who is being honored by the Coolidge next month. He is best known for directing Silence of the Lambs. He has directed quite an eclectic mix of films, so I am looking forward to attending the Coolidge Award ceremony next month.

It was an awesome film. “Burning Down the House,” “PsychoKiller,” “Once in a Lifetime”…remember those classics? The audience (the Coolidge audience, that is) clapped after every number, which I thought was funny. The music, clothing, and hairstyles made me feel nostalgic for the analog ’80s. I wonder how many other people start to feel like the world has gone to pot once they hit their mid-30s. I’m on a “technology is evil” kick right now. I have an urge to listen to my cassette mix tapes that I’ve saved…