Celebs on Being Child -Free/-Less

A friend sent me this article consisting of recent quotes by famous women about their child -free/-less status. I'm printing this one out. Thanks for giving a voice to the women taking the road less diapered, ladies!  

Getting a Dog Is Practice for…

  "...being a mom to another puppy." Thank you, Sister Christina Hendricks. Speaking of Christina Hendricks, did anyone else think that the Mad Men final season opener was on the strange side? Maybe it was the martini I was drinking...      

A Shoutout to My Sistas and Brothas

  Thank you to sistas Oprah and Octavia for being candid about their childfree status lately. In a recent interview in the Hollywood Reporter, Oprah talks about Gayle writing down future children's names in 7th grade, while she was daydreaming about being Martin Luther King. When I read this, I thought "Yes!" Not that I... Continue Reading →

Divorced Dads

Math is not my strong suit, but I would guess that at least 40% of the men in my online dating pool are divorced dads (and another 40% want children...). Once in a while, I hear the distant echo of friends and family saying "Be more open-minded about dating men with children." So I half-heartedly... Continue Reading →

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