P Is Also for…

Headed to Providence for the weekend to see Guster in concert for the millionth time. This is week 4 of having constant headaches and sinus pressure, so I hope I am well enough to survive the entire concert. Go see Inside Job while taking a break from eating Halloween candy this weekend!

P is for…

  CVS has forsaken me. At least the two in my neighborhood have. There are NO HALLOWEEN PEEPS to be found. In Peeps-related news, Peeps updated its website. There is now a Peeps World to explore. Peepsville and Peepstropolis to be precise. In P-related news, I am never going to think of Philadelphia the same […]

Pearl Fryar

I’m obsessed with topiaries. I believe it stems from my obsession with the movie Edward Scissorhands. I saw it six times in the movie theater. I love everything about this movie. The story line, the actors, the soundtrack, the set design. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, Edward cuts bushes into different […]

Mmm Funnel Cake

Mary came over yesterday and helped me make funnel cake. It was delicious! But how can anything deep fried NOT be delicious??? That kit was definitely worth three dollars. I was a cat bio machine today…I was the only cat biographer and there were 10+ bios to write. So I didn’t have much time to […]