Mmm Funnel Cake

Mary came over yesterday and helped me make funnel cake. It was delicious! But how can anything deep fried NOT be delicious??? That kit was definitely worth three dollars.

I was a cat bio machine today…I was the only cat biographer and there were 10+ bios to write. So I didn’t have much time to spend with the kitties. Ol ‘G was my favorite today. He’s a big tabby who likes to talk. For those of you in Boston, the MSPCA is having a Valentine’s Day fundraiser. I’ll be helping out next Sunday afternoon. Check the link for more info: There will be flowers from $8 to $50, and chocolates from $5 to $30.

I just watched a documentary called Paper Clips. It brought me to tears multiple times. I’ll never look at a paper clip the same again. Check out the website.

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