OK, I can't take it anymore. Who else has noticed that I am completely inconsistent regarding capitalization of my blog titles? I. Need. To. Choose. One. Style. [breathes in deeply] And then I must go back and make all of the titles consistent, for the love of god! This is the life of a... Continue Reading →

Four More to Go!

Well, D-day is a week and a half away...and I only have four things left to do. Three are planned, but I have one empty slot. Ideas? Last night I went to a puppet slam at Puppet Showplace Theatre. It was a good time. I had never been to the theater. I recommend it! Being... Continue Reading →

The Most Painful Item Ever

I got an ear cartilage piercing the other night. It wins the prize for most painful list item ever. The actual piercing process only took about 20 seconds. But this little piercing is wreaking havoc. I had NO idea what I was getting myself into. It's cute, but my ear hurts, dammit. And it's going... Continue Reading →

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