First wonder of tonight: Colin Firth. I saw A Single Man. He was incredible. He deserves to be at least nominated for every Best Actor award in existence. The movie was sad, but in a beautiful and haunting way. Not bad for a director formerly known as a fashion designer.

Second wonder of tonight: I’ve lived in Brookline for six months now. And as I walked home from the movie theater, a fellow pedestrian on the sidewalk displayed SIDEWALK ETIQUETTE. This is the first time such an event has occurred in six months. I was so taken aback, I couldn’t even make out any words of gratitude. It almost makes up for being practically mowed down twice on the way to the movie theater: first time, by high school students walking toward me three-across; second time, by parents pushing a hapless kid sitting in one of those plastic car things with a handle.

Third wonder of tonight: Wonder in the bad sense of wonder…would that be “horror”? Why is WordPress capitalizing prepositions in my post titles???? Let it be known that I am NOT capitalizing the prepositions on my end, people.