Quest to Be a Guinea Pig

So. When I went to the MIT Museum last month (#33 on my 34th birthday list), I learned about MIT’s brain research institute. I watched a video of volunteers talking about how they had their brains scanned for a research study, and they were given a picture of their brain scan. I thought, I want a picture of my brain! Sign me up. Item for 35th birthday list: be a participant in a research study.

I was dazzled by the prospect of being a guinea pig. Imagine my despair a few days later, when I researched the institute and found that I am not qualified to be a guinea pig! Because I am left-handed. ARGH! I searched for more research study opportunities…must be right-handed, must be right-handed. Oo, I found a study for left-handed people! But participants cannot be on any medication. ARGH! Foiled again.

I refuse to give up hope. I responded to a post about a vision experiment study. I have bad vision; this could work in my favor. Keep your fingers crossed.

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  1. what’s weird is that i (secretly) want to be part of a research study too. i am right handed, so many this is more feasible for me. you’d think they’d want lefties for a lot of things too. how odd.

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