Stereoblindness Update

I had my second session for the stereoblindness study a couple of weeks ago. It entailed about two hours of hand-eye coordination activites. I had to put tiny metal rods in holes and put needle-like things on a pole. Using both eyes, then just the left eye, then just the right eye. Then I had to look into a stereoscope and note when different corners of a square popped out.

My poor eyes. They were tired. It turned out that my weaker eye got higher scores…the research assistant was surprised, as was I. During a break, the assistant was telling me about her work with monkeys, and that some of the males’ personality quirks remind her of human males she knows. It was awesome!

My final session is in a few weeks. I will be in an MRI tube for two hours. Looking at images and pressing buttons. I hope I can handle it, cripes. It sounds like there are going to be a bunch of people watching…eek. I may be able to get a printout of my what my brain looks like….I sure hope so!

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