Mark Your Calendar: March 27

So there are two cool things happenin’ on March 27.

1. National Passport Day.

I love that there is a day for the passport. I wish I needed to renew mine, but I don’t. All I can figure out right now is that it is a day that you can get a passport or renew one without making an appointment. I HIGHLY recommend that you get one or renew one now (if you will need one in the near future) because word on the street is that the fees are going to increase by at least $20 pretty soon.

[Insert daydream-ish musical segue] Let’s share first passport stories. I got my first passport at the age of 17 because I wanted to go to Italy with my Latin club. Latin class was freakin’ awesome. It’s kind of a strange language to learn, since it’s dead as a doornail. But I loved it all the same.

Back to the passport. I got my bakery job at the much beloved Wegmans to help fund the trip to Italy. We did Rome, Florence, Pompeii, and Capri, I believe. Pisa! Somewhere I have photos of the Leaning Tower of Pisa from a bazillion different angles. We covered a lot of ground on that trip, wow. I have a desire to dig out my photo album from that trip. If I have it in Boston, I will post a pic in this entry later!

2. March 27 is also EARTH HOUR. Who participated last year? I did, I did. At 8:30 pm, people around the world will turn off all of their lights for an hour, to show solidarity for taking action against climate change. Light a bunch of candles, and chill out for an hour in the candlelight. You can make a cool virtual lantern at this site.

Here’s mine:

Earth Hour 2010

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