Had a lovely weekend in Vermont with Daisy and Az. We ate great food, drank good coffee, and most importantly, drank great beer. I checked two things off my birthday list. I tried a food I have never eaten. Mussels. I never thought I would live to see the day when I ate a mussel. I think it helped that I had a pint of beer in me when making the decision. I enjoyed the taste…but am not sure if the taste is worth digging the weird thing out of the shell. That’s just my hang-up. But I am very glad I tried them!

Dais and I drove up to Windsor, VT, home of the satellite Harpoon brewery. We had our own private brewery tour, with two tour guides. We tried the 100 Barrel Series Oyster Stout, which didn’t taste oyster-y at all. I tried the white UFO and liked it. And the Imperial Red. The brewery has a restaurant/bar attached, which was cool. The fries were delish. It must be a fun place to visit in the summertime because it has a big patio.

Dais and Az are planting a garden in their front yard, which has gotten me excited for the farmers’ market season.

So I have ten more items to complete. Actually, eight…since I am doing two things on May 31. Going to Provincetown and going on a whale watch.

Harpoon Brewery, VT