The List

If I cheat and use the Ptown visit and the Ptown whale watch as two separate items, I will be done with the birthday list by the weekend. I am having a really hard time with my birthday this year. I hope I can go to Ptown and just forget it is happening.

So here is the 35 list, completely unformatted because I have no idea how to format in this thing:

1.Watch 8 ½ January 5

2.Get Arthur Frommer’s autograph January 27

3. Walk in Hasty Pudding Parade January 28

4.Watch La Dolce Vita January 30

5.Participate in research study February 2

6.Watch 2001: A Space Odyssey February 5

7.Make funnel cake February 6

8.Watch Raging Bull February 12

9.Go to Matt Murphy’s Pub February 13

10.Watch City Lights February 19

11.Go to Globe Travel Show February 20

12.Make soap February 20

13.Visit MIT Visual Art Center March 3

14.Read Heart Is a Lonely Hunter March 8

15.Watch The General March 9

16.Watch The Searchers March 12

17.Go to Pigall March 16

18.Take tour of WGBH March 20

19.Watch Grapes of Wrath March 27

20.Visit Bunker Hill April 3

21.Try acupuncture April 5

22.Get David Sedaris’s autograph April 11

23.Join meetup groups April 11

24.Try mussels April 16

25.Visit Harpoon brewery in VT April 17

26.Buy Django Reinhart CD May 2

27.Try a mint julep May 3

28.Attend a taping of Oprah May 7

29.Visit National Heritage Museum May 15

30.Go to Watch City Brewing May 15

31.Have tea at L’Espalier May 16

32.Read Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas

33.Visit Gibson House Museum May 29

34.Go on a whale watch May 31

35. Visit Provincetown May 31

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