Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

And so begins a whole week of vacation. I don’ think I have ever taken a whole week off work, except for when I have gone to England with mum. I am visiting my family for a few days, and then spending the weekend at the Toronto film fest. This will be the third or fourth time that my friend Sam and I have ventured to Toronto for the fest.

The first year we went, we were fortunate enough to meet some lovely ladies who had prime seats at the lobby restaurant at the Four Seasons. They took us under their wing, and we have sat with them watching Colin Firth, Penelope Cruz, that guy from Lost, etc. walk in and out of the lobby every year. Sam and I couldn’t attend last year, so I really hope the ladies will be there this year!

I also try to see a film or two when we are there. This year I am going to see Conviction. It’s based on a true story that took place in Massachusetts, and it sounds really good. Hilary Swank, Minnie Driver, and Sam Rockwell will be attending the screening.

And if there is a higher power, I will see Jon Hamm and he will see me. And he will say, you look like a copy editor. Can I hire you to be my personal copy editor? And I will say, let me think about this. (One-second pause.) YES, I would be honored!

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