My number one all-time favorite clothing item EVER is a green peacoat I bought at the Gap, circa 1992. It was a beautiful, bright green…similar to the shade of Crayola’s shamrock crayon.

I kept the coat for years after I stopped wearing it. It got worn out, etc. but I kept it anyway. I finally parted with it a couple of years ago, after taking a photo of it.

Another green peacoat came into my life tonight. This one is the shade of Crayola’s granny smith apple crayon.

It feels good to have a green peacoat again.

Side note: the history of Crayola is fascinating! Do you know where the name comes from? I quote from the Crayola website: “The Crayola name, coined by Edwin Binney’s wife Alice, comes from ‘craie,’ the French word for chalk, and ‘ola,’ from ‘oleaginous.'” !!