Blue Gold


I watched the documentary Blue Gold recently, and am now reading the book. I knew that there was a water crisis, in vague terms. Now I realize it is a CRISIS. The world is running out of water, because water companies are too preoccupied with maximizing their profits and draining the world’s water supply. Access to safe water is a human right. How did it turn into a commodity to be sold for profit?

Water is worth more than oil.

A bottle of water costs more than a bottle of Coke in some Third-World countries.

Almost 4 million people die per year due to water-related diseases.

This is pretty much madness. I am pledging to buy as little bottled water as I can (buying it only if I am in the middle of a desert, parched, and happen upon a bottled water stand). Here are five reasons not to drink bottled water.


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