Please Eat the Grass

I constantly worry about Olive being bored, living in a basement studio. No windows to peer out of…no different rooms to explore.

I have brought home so many toys and accoutrements for her to try, and she doesn’t even bat an eye at them! I bought her a cat bed. She ignored it. I bought her some kind of mat with scratching material on it. She never stepped foot on it. I bought her crinkly balls. She never touched them.

I thought I hit the jackpot when I bought cat grass for the first time the other day. The woman loves her food and her chicken-flavored treats. Why wouldn’t she love to eat some grass?

Well. You can guess what happened. I grew the grass, anxiously waiting for it to sprout and grow two to four inches, as the instructions instructed. When the fateful moment arrived, I put the luscious grass in front of her and started babbling in my crazy mama cat voice.

She looked at the grass. She sniffed it.


What!?!? Maybe all of the grass overwhelmed her, I thought. I picked out one blade and laid it in front of her. Nothing.

Maybe I need to put the grass next to her food bowl, so she understands she is supposed to eat it, I thought.

Nope. Ah well. I’ll find something new for her yet. Can’t fault a mom for trying!

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