Goldilocks and the Three Pillows


One side of my neck has been bothering me for a while. Possibly since October. It started to affect my sleep, because  all of my pillows stopped working. I used to sleep on a soft, fairly thin pillow. Now it is way too soft and way too thin. My other pillow is too firm. I decided a few weeks ago that a memory foam pillow was the answer.

I can barely move my head in the morning after sleeping on the memory foam pillow. I feel like Goldilocks. I need a pillow that is JUST RIGHT. Not too soft and not too firm. Maybe the memory foam one isn’t working because it’s low end. But do I really want to spend $80 on a pillow that might or might not work?

My new idea is to get a neck massager and massage my neck to oblivion before I go to sleep. I am also going to look for a thicker pillow that is “firmly soft.” Let me know if you have a recommendation for a firmly soft pillow.

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