(To the tune of Killing Me Softly)

Increasing my blood pressure with their drumbeats
While I try to read my book
Killing me loudly with their song
Killing me loudly with their song
Disrupting my whole night with their racket
Killing me loudly with their song

I heard the low beat of the drum
I heard a guitar wailing too
And so I turned on my white noise machine
To no avail
And then I put on a rainforest sounds CD
To try to drown out the drums


I felt all flushed with fever
From my rising blood pressure
I felt that I could not concentrate
Enough to read my freakin’ book
I prayed that they would finish
But they just kept right on


They played as if they were at TD Garden
To my deep, dark despair
And they continued to play for hours
As if they had no neighbors
And they just kept on playing
Playing clear and strong