My go-to dictionary as of late: the urban dictionary.

I first happened upon it when I was searching for the definition of “ride or die chick.” It came up again when I was researching whether asininity was a real word or one that I had made up. And I referenced it just now to look up its definition of one of my favorite terms to describe bad situations:

hot mess

…Which leads me to sharing the bright spot of my day today. I went on a cat food mission, and popped into Urban Outfitters next door, drawn in by the “extra 30% off sale items” sign. I went to the housewares section, to see if there was anything cute there. And there they were! The hot mess plates. I saw the hot mess plates awhile ago, but I wasn’t going to buy them for $8 each. But I sure as hell would buy them for $2 each!

And so I did.