I checked off two list items today. I went to the Boston Athenaeum with Linda, Melissa, and Stephanie. We checked out a cool Edward Gorey exhibit. The exhibit rooms were crowded; I’d like to go back again when it is quiet so I can really study his drawings. I found it fascinating to notice all of the different textures he could create with a thin, black pen. And his writing makes me laugh out loud. It is so charming and quirky and dark.

Afterward, Linda and I strolled around Beacon Hill a bit, and then went to dinner at a Greek place. This year, I wanted to eat a dish that came to the table on fire. I learned about saganaki recently, which is a Greek appetizer. Cheese is lit on fire with brandy, and then the flames are extinguished with lemon juice.

I was thrilled when I saw Saganaki on the menu at Steve’s on Newbury Street. It was as tasty as it sounded. How can fried cheese not be tasty? Mm, crystallized brandy and warm cheese. We also tried an eggplant-based dip, which was good. I enjoyed my chicken kebab wrap (lots of dill in the sauce, which I love). Linda had grape leaves stuffed with ground meat and covered with melted cheese…we both rolled out of the restaurant with full stomachs and doggie bags in our hands.


It is SO windy and cold right now. I am looking forward to turning on my space heater and listening to the wind howl for the rest of the night.