Women and the Environment

Excuse me while I climb up onto my soapbox.

OK. Ahem.

Next Tuesday, March 8! It’s International Women’s Day. Do something nice for the women in your life, including yourself, if you are a woman. Go stand on a bridge if you can. Read Half the Sky. Donate some money to Women for Women if you are able. Women have come a long way, but there are still miles to go.

Three weeks from Saturday, March 26! Turn all of your lights off for an hour, for the WWF’s annual Earth Hour. And take it a step further and decide to do something else to help the environment beyond turning off the lights at 8:30 pm.

And here’s a special treat for you…

I was bored while waiting for a doctor’s appointment this afternoon, so started going through the photos on my phone. Found this gem that I took a couple of months ago, when I was volunteering at the MSPCA. Can you stand it???

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