Ants in My Pants


I’ve got ants in my pants! Ants in my paaaants…

No, I don’t really. Not at all. It’s just a fun thing to say. I do, however, have ants in my apartment. By my front door. I’ve been killing them swiftly with a soap and water mixture, but more just keep showing up. These dopes aren’t getting the message that their friends and relations are not returning from their travels to Chez Nanswa.

So I have resorted to heavily seasoning my floor. I read online that people have had success in deterring ants with such things as mint, black pepper, cinammon, and cayenne pepper. Tried the cinammon first. Didn’t work. Tried a double whammy of black and cayenne pepper. That is working so far!

The question is, will I have to live with a seasoned floor forever? Chalk is also supposed to be a deterrent; I may try that next. That would be a lot less messy than a trail of spices.

4 thoughts on “Ants in My Pants

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  1. what about one of those ant bait things from the grocery store? i’ve had good luck with those in the past.

    also, i just bought some and put them in my office at work cause i’m having trouble with ants too….

    good luck!

  2. i think it is obvious! get rid of the munchkin and onion ring!

    also, one of my favorite yiddish words is schpilkes and it means to squirm around, like ants in your pants. my mom-mom used to always say i had schpilkes when i couldn’t sit still.

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