Footlight and Chihuly


Last night I saw The Footlight Club‘s performance of Rent. I’ve been wanting to go to a Footlight performance at Eliot Hall in JP for a while, as it is the oldest community theater in the country. It was a great show. I had forgotten how awesome the music is. I saw it in London…I want to say for my birthday, when I was living there. Holy #$*%, that was my 23rd birthday. Cue anxiety attack.

Today I saw a Dale Chihuly exhibit at the MFA. I thought it was fantastic! Everyone in Boston should see it. I just find his work fascinating. I’ve always been interested in glassblowing and glass as art, though. I can’t wait to take a glassblowing class in a couple of weeks at the Diablo Glass School.

Here’s a photo of my favorite piece in the exhibit. It’s called Mille Fiori (A Thousand Flowers). Ooh, I hate to say favorite. I also love his chandeliers. Ooh, and the Persian Ceiling…

Mille Fiori










A chandelier
Persian Ceiling

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