Almost Time…

Will and Kate’s wedding is only a couple of days away. Emotions are running high. I’m excited to celebrate. I have my scone recipe out, Twinings tea at the ready. A shopping list with champagne and chocolate digestives on it. I’m also starting to feel nervous for them. 2 billion freaking people watching their wedding ceremony? WTF. I also feel a bit for sad for Will, knowing that he’s not able to share the day with his mom. Both of my parents lost a parent during their teenage years, so I sometimes try to imagine what it’s like to lose a parent when you’re young. I don’t know why I try; I can’t begin to imagine.

It’s also almost time for one of my favorite annual events: the Independent Film Festival of Boston. I’ve been volunteering at the festival for years, and I love love love it. The staff is amazing, the volunteers are fun, and the films are great. I am hoping to see a few documentaries and a new Miranda July film, yippee. I highly recommend that Boston peeps check out some films. You will be glad you did. Seriously.

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