Gardening at Night


A new friend and I planted a whole flower bed today, on Georges Island. I volunteered there as part of National Public Lands Day. My new friend was a high school student who is apprenticing with the National Park Service.

He and I bonded over our cartilage piercings. We started talking piercings and then moved on to tattoos. He wants to get 10 tattoos. I, of course, was all ears and very encouraging. Hours later I thought that maybe I should not have been quite so gung-ho about a 17-year-old kid wanting 10 tattoos, a nose piercing, and a few more ear piercings.

I can’t wait to visit in the spring and see what the crazy flower bed looks like. Some Scouts swooped in at one point and went insane with the bulb planter tool. I tried to clean it up a bit after they left.

And because I am still in mourning…here.


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