The First Big Snowfall

With the first big snowfall of the season came my first cold of the season. Whenever I get a cold, I am amazed at how much I take breathing through my nose for granted. God, how I miss breathing through my nose.

It’s times like these when I wish that I could send my cat out to run an errand for me. I’d put a little jacket and boots on Olive and send her up the street to CVS. Somehow she would be able to open the door and then she would wander to the back of the store to the tissue section. I am coveting tissues with aloe right now. She’d knock a box off the shelf and kick it up the aisle toward the checkout. She’d jump up onto the shelf at the self-checkout station, scan the box, and pay with my credit card. That would be easier than having her deal with cash. She’d have to ask an employee to somehow attach the box to her back, so she could scamper back home with the tissues.

I think Olive might be a mind reader…she is giving me her “you crazy” look. Yes, Olive, not being able to breathe through one’s nose makes one feel a little crazy.

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