Dancing for a Hat and Meeting Andrew McCarthy


Today I danced on a stage in front of 100 people for a free hat. And I met Andrew McCarthy.

Just another year at the Boston Globe Travel Show.

When I found out that Andrew McCarthy was going to give a talk at the show, I had to see him because 1) I loved him in Pretty in Pink, and I don’t know how many times I watched Weekend at Bernie’s and Mannequin back in the day. 2) I felt inspired learning that he has found a “second career” (plus it happens to be a career I would love to have).

He sat with a Globe editor who asked him questions about his experiences. I learned that he didn’t travel much as a kid, just like me. And that he “found himself” during a trying journey in Spain. Much like I “found myself” when studying and working abroad. He was an engaging speaker. His passion for travel was very apparent. Love him!

Linda, Andrew, and Me









Oh, where does the dancing come in? Linda and I arrived early for the Andrew talk, so we caught a presentation about Aruba. I have a soft spot for Aruba because I went there for my 31st birthday and had a fabulous time. The presenters talked a bit about Aruba and threw a bunch of free hats and shirts to the crowd. Linda caught a hat, but I wasn’t so lucky.

At the end of the presentation, a bunch of kids went up to dance on stage with some Aruban women in fancy costumes. Then a presenter said something about coming up on stage to get something free. And off I went. There I was, dancing center stage with a bunch of kids and their parents. Well, it’s a cute fleece hat.

One of these days, I will enjoy looking through the myriad brochures I picked up and daydream about all of the places I wish I could go…


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