Pinch Pot


First of all, the nasturtiums at the Gardner were beautiful. Photography wasn’t allowed, so here’s a photo from the ISG website:

Cheryl Richards, 2012














I would recommend going to the museum in the evening…the ambience is very cool (albeit a bit dark) with the electric candles lit in every room.

And moving on to pottery class. Mary and I took the class at Feet of Clay in Brookline. I found the pottery wheel quite challenging. To be successful on the wheel, one has to keep the wheel at the correct speed, precisely shape the clay, and keep adding and taking away water from the clay.

After the fifth or sixth try, I gave up. I wasn’t leaving that class without making anything! So I fell back on “hand building.”

I made a pinch pot aka I shaped a small bowl with my hands. I then made a square dish, using a finished dish as a mold. And the teacher showed me how to press doilies on the clay to make a pretty imprint. I’ll receive the finished products in about a month.

I learned that pottery takes a lot of patience. Something that was in short supply on a Friday night after a long day. It is a beautiful medium, though. If you’re in the Brookline area at the end of April/beginning of May, check out the studio’s sale.


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