May Day


It’s May 1, which can only mean it’s the final countdown.

I have four weeks to finish seven items on my birthday list. Not too shabby.

On a “cool thing that happened today” note, I saw a documentary about Paul Williams tonight.

Paul Williams = songwriter of “Rainbow Connection” = god in my universe.

The director did a Q and A afterward. I don’t even remember what an audience member asked to prompt the director to call Paul Williams. Oh, the director said in the film that he didn’t want to stop hanging out with Paul once the film was done. An audience member asked if they still hang out. He replied, “yeah, we’re friends.” He dialed Paul’s number and turned on the speakerphone. Sure enough, Paul answered. It was so great! The documentary was funny and touching, and I recommend it to anyone who was around in the ’70s and ’80s and remembers Paul Williams.

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