Reason to Be Childfree #4


I am childfree for quite a few reasons. One of them revolves around the fact that I think the world is going to hell in a handbasket. Yes, that may be an extreme view, and I am half joking when I say that. But I really don’t like where things are going with the environment, technology…and how these developments are affecting children. There are so many more ways for kids to bully each other these days; it’s appalling. And I think kids today are just nastier. I know I’m generalizing; there are plenty of great children out there (all of my friends’ kids, for example 🙂 ).

Here is my reason for the above rant:

I was shocked to learn that a recent story from my hometown has gone international: A group of middle school boys tormented their bus monitor a few days ago. One of the boys videotaped it and posted the video to YouTube. The video has since gone viral. I only watched a few minutes of it and I could not believe my ears.

Just to refute my bleak claim about the world, 11,000 thoughtful people have donated money for Karen to go on a vacation. It would be nice if she could quit her job and never have to deal with nasty brats again!

If you can bear to watch it, here is the video.

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