Bidding Adieu: The Sequel


Have you ever been talking with someone on the phone, and you say your goodbyes, and then one of you says, “Oh, wait…” And then you talk for 20 more minutes? Or maybe you have seen someone off on a train or subway, and you say your goodbyes, but you keep waving at each other until you’re out of each other’s view?

That’s what happened with me and summer yesterday. We had said goodbye, but then the summer said, “Wait, I’m still here.”

I went to the beach at Spectacle Island. It was a perfect beach day: warm, sunny, breezy. I listened to the lapping waves and screeching seagulls for hours. I also looked for treasures. The treasures on the beach are beautiful rocks, iridescent shells, mass quantities of sea glass, and pottery shards. Children have a field day on this beach.











The summer farewell may well turn into a trilogy: I just read that it may be in the 90s next weekend!


The Boston skyline from Spectacle Island




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