Every time Peapod arrives at my door, it feels like Christmas. Mainly because so many items come in their own bags. It oddly feels like unwrapping presents. What’s this small cylindrical item? Oh, the Off! spray I ordered. What’s this cold, hard rectangle? Oh, the cheese I ordered.

These presents make me feel guilty because their wrapping is contributing to the quickening demise of the environment. But I recycle all of the bags, I swear!!

As I was putting away the groceries that magically arrived at my doorstep tonight, I was reminded that I have lived in my current apartment for three years, and I still don’t have a system down for paper good storage. Sometimes I put extra tissue boxes in the bathroom. Sometimes I put them in the front storage closet. Sometimes I put them in the back hallway. Sometimes I put extra paper towels in the back hallway. Sometimes I put them under the sink. I put the napkins I just bought on top of the fridge. Then, as I was putting the new sponges under the sink, I discovered a package of napkins.

If I ever move out, I will find a menagerie of long-lost paper goods…