Molly and Davy and Peter


I was in the same room as Molly Ringwald the other day. I was in the same room as the darling of John Hughes‘s films. Films that I’ve watched countless times. Films that I own on videotape but haven’t gotten rid of.

So Molly just publisher her debut novel and came to my neighborhood bookstore to do a reading. The room was so packed that people were practically hanging from the rafters. Being an actress, she gave a great reading. She was very animated. I gathered from her Q and A that she is a gracious and laidback person. And I learned that she is yet another renaissance person: she’s a jazz singer! A writer, an actress, and a singer. If I had been born with just a thimbleful of her talent!

Molly (taken with Linda Fu’s smartphone)














The following night I was back at the Booksmith to see Davy and Peter Rothbart’s show. I say “show” because it wasn’t just a reading. It was also a concert and an interactive event. The brothers are touring for the 10th anniversary of Found Magazine. Davy has also just published a book, and Peter has released a new album. This might have been the fourth or fifth time I’ve seen them. They always put on an entertaining show.

Davy read an essay from his new book, and read some pieces that have been “found.” If you haven’t heard of Found Magazine, it is a magazine filled with notes that people around the country have found anywhere and everywhere. It is guaranteed that you will howl with laughter from reading some of them.

Peter writes songs based on found notes and they are always thoughtful and funny. He almost always plays this gem at shows.

The night ended with Davy calling up an audience member and asking her random questions. She was maybe in her late teens or early 20s. She was very funny, but the most awesome thing we learned about her was that she is getting a Mount Rushmore–style tattoo on her back. Her Mount Rushmore consists of: Winston Churchill, Frank Zappa, Ogden Nash, and…oh no, I’ve forgotten the fourth one. Anyway, it’s cra-mazing.


Davy (taken with my dumbphone)













Peter (taken with my dumbphone)














Suffice it to say that it was a fun few nights out. Next week, I will be going to see Ty Burr (Boston Globe movie critic) speak about his new book.

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