Reggie Clemons Gets Another Chance


Reggie Clemons has been on Death Row for almost 20 years, even though there is no physical evidence that connects him to the murder of two women. His case is being re-investigated because it is such a hot mess. A judge is reviewing his case on September 17. Send Reggie some support as this crucial day approaches. I wrote to Reggie in 2010 as part of Amnesty International’s annual write-a-thon. Reggie replied to my letter and I was very touched. I kept the letter and am going to look for it tonight.

Strange that almost a year ago, Troy Davis was executed. I recall watching a live stream of his funeral. It is bone chilling to think that innocent people could be executed in the 21st century!!! It is just as bone chilling, to me, that guilty people could be executed in the 21st century! What does an eye for an eye really accomplish, folks?

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