Suspenseful Movies Pain Me


I wouldn’t go as far as saying that suspenseful movies kill me, but they give me stress headaches. That’s why I don’t see them in movie theaters very often. I’m also a pain in the ass to sit next to. I make involuntary exclamations and involuntarily grab and hit people’s arms. It can’t be helped.

But I had been reading glowing reviews of Argo, and my friend wanted to see it. Not to mention, dang, I was digging Ben Affleck with shaggy hair and a beard.

So we saw the movie. IMHO, it deserves its glowing reviews. The casting was superb and the pace and style of the storytelling was intense. The fact that it’s based on a true story is icing on the cake. This film also made me appreciate Foreign Service employees who work in countries plagued with unrest and oppressive governments. Depending on where you’re stationed, you may be putting your life on the line (for instance, the Embassy staff in Libya who were killed recently).

If you enjoy thrillers, you will enjoy Argo. And if you are prone to stress headaches, bring aspirin along.


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