Not Much to Peep at


Mom and I went leaf peeping in the Berkshires and Vermont. Wasn’t much to peep at. There were some colors, but they were muted. No vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows to be seen.

It was still fun to do some exploring. We saw a nice collection of master paintings at the Clark Institute. We saw a great Rockwell Kent exhibit and the largest collection of Grandma Moses paintings at the Bennington Museum. We met up with Daisy and Az at the Man of Kent in Hoosick Falls, NY. It’s an authentic British pub. In the middle of nowhere. And I mean nowhere. The place was jumping and we were treated to some live bagpiper music. Another highlight was a huge breakfast at the Blue Benn diner.

Mom wanted to visit the Vermont Country Store. It was kind of a riot. There were tour buses filled with people from the South buying all kinds of foodstuffs, personal care products, and clothing. It was neat to see some vintage items…makeup and perfume that were popular decades ago….candy that was popular in the ’50s. I found myself gravitating to a tin can of Charles Chips. I KNEW these chips. I asked my mom about them, and she confirmed that we had them delivered to our house when I was growing up!

I bought a bag, not knowing it was going to cost $6. The price we pay for a bit of nostalgia…














Last but not least, I visited Robert Frost’s grave. I hadn’t known he was buried in Bennington…I happened upon this fact as I was paging through a variety of travel brochures. I told Mom that I had to pay my respects, as he is the author of one of my favorite poems: “The Road Not Taken.” Yes, Robert, taking the road less traveled does make all the difference.

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