It’s a good week when you have intimate encounters with one of your favorite authors and one of your favorite bands.

Some friends and I saw David Sedaris read from his work in progress a few days ago. If I were granted three wishes, one of them would be the status of David Sedaris’s BFF. He’s a comic genius.


I was serious; it was intimate.
I was serious; it was intimate.














Last night, some friends and I saw Guster perform at the Portsmouth Music Hall. It was my first time at that venue, so on the birthday list it goes. It is a great venue. It’s recently been renovated so looks beautiful. The acoustics are good…and the size is intimate. Things got even more intimate when half of Guster serenaded the audience member two seats away from me.

I’ll be seeing David again in April. And Ryan from Guster mumbled something about a summer tour. Til then, boys…