At This Moment


Just found out that Gary David Goldberg, the creator of Family Ties, passed away a few days ago. This is very strange timing because I was talking to a friend today about his blog post about the Family Ties theme song.

I have few vivid childhood memories to speak of, but one of them is the final scene of Family Ties. I remember that Alex and Ellen were in a train station and I remember the song that was playing. “At This Moment” by Billy Vera. This song makes my heart wrench because it reminds me of my first love who I let slip away. Oh, the agony of first love!

I hadn’t listened to the song in years, so came home tonight and googled it. I found this clip of the Family Ties finale.

R.I.P, Gary, and thanks for creating this poignant memory.

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  1. This is sad news. They don’t write shows like they used to: I remember a lot of happy moments from Family Ties. But the show also dealt with “difficult” and troubling issues from time to time–which kept it real. The show was clever. Mr. Goldberg will be missed.

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