15 States


I recently traveled to the Northwest for the first time, for a friend’s wedding in Idaho. Curious about how many states I’ve been to vs. number of countries, I made a list. Idaho is the 15th state I’ve been to; I’ve been to 12 countries. I have some work to do in the States!

For some reason, I had pictured Idaho as a relatively flat and ho-hum state. Was I wrong. I flew into Boise, which is surrounded by foothills. I mistakenly called them mountains, and a local guffawed and said, “These are just foothills.” The wedding was two hours north of Boise. It was a beautiful drive through tree-blanketed mountains and open fields with grazing cattle, and along rivers, The wedding was on a lake at a state park, so it was lovely, as you can imagine.

Sunset at Payette Lake
Sunset at Payette Lake











On the way to Idaho, I stared out the plane window for the majority of the time. The topography was amazing: the deserts of Utah, the Rockies. I had a connection in Seattle and was stunned by the majestic Mount Rainier. I was reminded of how absolutely huge this country is. And how tiny the New England region is compared to the western states. I’ve gotten a taste of the west and must return!

I had some time to kill before my return flight, so met up with a friend in Boise for dinner. When I mentioned wanting ice cream for dessert, she said these three magic words:

Ice Cream Potato

Of course I had to have one.

Ice cream potato
Ice cream potato











It was a perfect ending to my first trip to Idaho. Who else has been to Idaho?









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