The List: 2014 Edition


Thanks to LivingSocial, I’ve started creating my next birthday list. For those new to the blog, every year between January and May, I complete a list of items that I’ve never done before my birthday rolls around. The number of items equals my age. The magic number this year is 39.


So, LivingSocial. Thanks to LivingSocial, I’ll be making a piece of mosaic art, taking a wire work technique class at a bead store, and making my own picture frame at a frame shop.

Other ideas have started percolating. I had a sudden urge to make my grandmother’s mint recipe. Alas, I don’t have the recipe. I’ve found recipes on the web for cream cheese mints that may or may not be similar to hers. When I was little, Grandma Peg would make hundreds of mints, and my family would give them out as gifts. They were soft and sugary, and came in different shapes and flavors. The green mint leaf tasted like spearmint and the pink rose tasted like peppermint…there were also white and yellow mints, but I can’t recall the shapes or colors.

I also want to make a Wilton cake! My mom made me and my brother Wilton cakes for years. They were beautiful. The woman probably spent a few entire days of her life making us those cakes. Thanks, Mom! Mom gave me all of her cake decorating tips years ago…so what am I waiting for?

If anyone has ideas for this year’s list, send them along! And I hope that everyone is about done with their holiday shopping, as I am. It’s a liberating feeling…

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