Happy New Year

Olive and I wish everyone a happy new year!








So I kicked off the birthday list by making cream cheese mints. As I mentioned in a previous post, Grandma Peg would mass-produce mints and my family would give out boxes of them at the holidays. I don’t have her recipe but I deduced from sleuth work via Google Images that her mints were most likely cream cheese mints.

I picked a random recipe and got to work today.








No wonder the mints taste good; they consist solely of cream cheese, powdered sugar, and granulated sugar. The only flavoring I had was lemon extract, so I decided to make yellow roses.

I used a hand mixer and tried valiantly to prevent cream cheese and sugar from flying to all corners of my kitchen. I succeeded for the most part.

The mints came out fine…








But, alas, they don’t taste like Grandma’s mints…! I guess I’ll have to try the other option Google gave me: butter mints.

There are some recipes for butter mints that just swap out the cream cheese for butter in the cream cheese mint recipe. But most of the photos of butter mints that I found show mints that the other side of my family would leave out in a dish: they are square and melt in your mouth. I think I’ll try both recipes.

I hope my Boston friends like mints…

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