T Minus One Month


One month left to finish the birthday list and 10 items to go. I’ll knock off a few this weekend when I visit NYC and go to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island for the first time. I’m excited to check out the Immigrant Wall of Honor because a distant relative paid to have my 2nd great grandparents’ names on the wall.

I still have some empty slots in my list, so feel free to contribute some ideas! This is the list as it stands:

1. Make cream cheese mints                      January 1

2. Try a sake cocktail                                   January 4

3. Watch Shane                                           January 11

4. Visit Larz Anderson Auto Museum     January 19

5. Try okra                                                    January 19

6. Watch The Deer Hunter                       January 25

7. Make soft pretzels                                  February 2

8. Learn how to frame pictures               February 14

9. Watch All Quiet on WF                         February 14

10. Buy Herbie Hancock CD                     February 14

11. Do a juice cleanse                                  February 15

12. See a show at the Sinclair                   February 19

13. Eat at Marliave                                      February 26

14. See Sam Adams Barrel Room            March 1

15. Watch Bicycle Thieves                        March 1

16. Attend Holi party                                 March 8

17. Make lip balm                                       March 9

18. Read I, Claudius                                  March 13

19. Eat at Grotto                                         March 19

20. Get donuts at Twin Donuts              March 22

21. Visit Twining tea shop                       March 25

22. Try electronic hookah                       March 25

23. Visit Winchester, England               March 26

24. Visit art exhibit with live animals   April 12

25. Visit Waterworks Museum               April 13

26. Make mosaic art                                 April 19

27. Try hair tea                                          April 19

28. Watch Close Encounters                 April 19

29. Visit Grolier Poetry Shop                April 26

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  1. It’s so cool to see your list broken down like that! Did I tell you I’ve been keeping a “new things” journal, inspired by your b-day list? It’s for the whole year though, and I don’t have a particular number I’m shooting for.

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